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Unique, Chic and *oh* so Greek

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Opa, Opa Opa!

Christina, a new friend of mine just opened a shop. She had plenty of spare time during lockdown so she bought some stock and started selling it. Now she has a pop-up boutique in the heart of Eaton Mall. I'm so in awe. When I asked her how, just *how* did you actually follow through and do this, she shrugged and said “life’s short. Why not?”

Sia Boutique started in the spare room and unoccupied drawers of Christina’s home and now spills across Instagram and a brick and mortar in Oakleigh. The vision was simple, Aussie and Greek products only. Her life is heavily influenced by both cultures, and her shop is the perfect combination of her past and future. After being forced to postpone her international getaway with her fiancé, bringing a part of Greece to Victoria was a perfect way to fumigate her travel bug.

Christina describes the shop as a reflection of her identity. Only stocking clothes and accessories that speak to her. “There’s no point being anything but authentic” she says, “you have to dress and express yourself everyday and if you aren’t being 100% you then you’re wasting your time and everyone else’s.” This time of lockdowns and uncertainty has caused so many of us to take a good, hard look in the introspective mirror. What really matters?

Consumers aren’t bound by the trends and styles that fashion magazines previously dictated. Our fast-fashion phenomenon has been halted. Not only are we more conscious of the comfort of everyday wear but also the versatility of it. There’s been a shift in material possessions, we’re opting for quality over quantity and this has not gone unnoticed. Christina only stocks quality materials so that you can feel good. "I want people to look good for themselves. They should feel special even if and especially if they don't have any plans that day."

If this pandemic has taught us anything it’s that being left on our own makes it really hard to put on pants. No? Just me? Okay. But I think the need for self-care in any and every shape and form has rarely been so essential for our well-being. Without social gatherings and all the other events that the pandemic has stripped us of we have been forced to show ourselves some heavy duty "me time". If you don't believe me you mustn't remember that time everyone was wearing ball gowns to take out the bins.

The past year has been tough on a lot of people and unfortunately small businesses have suffered significantly. Christina herself said she couldn't believe how hard it has been, and fortunately she was able to continue working. With the momentum pushing us to support small businesses and shop local, Sia Boutique is a great place to start. You can check out the fantastic stock on Instagram here.

And one final thought. I bought this top and I will show you the many ways I wear it because here at Pretty Gritty we're committed to repeating outfits, getting the most out of each garment and shopping small for big looks.

x❤x -SL

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