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5 Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss the Next Girlbosses of Melbourne Casual Coffee Catch Up

The brew, the bosses, the bond, the besties, the boost.

Girlbosses of Melbourne’s Casual Coffee Catch Up is held monthly and here’s why you need to be at the next one.

After being dragged to yet another unsuccessful corporate getting-to-know you event; Girlbosses of Melbourne Founder, Eilish Jackson, found that networking was not-working for her and took matters into her own hand. She created a hub where like-minded women could mingle and interact without the hostility that often shrouds corporate socialisation. Jackson, 23, is now on a mission to introduce, encourage and inspire women to take their careers to the next level.

Let’s start with the fantastic venue that is Mr Tulk, nestled in the heart of the CBD, The State Library of Victoria’s very own cafe is the perfect spot for intimate gatherings. The coffee is a Melbourne 10/10 and the service is always the best.

The women who come along to our monthly Casual Coffee Catch Ups are curious, insightful, intelligent and interesting. If that sounds like you, you’ll fit right in! From every background and walk of life, this group wants to hear what you have to say when it comes to your career, prospects, potential and ideas.

You want to make friends! Girlbosses of Melbourne Casual Coffee Catch Up is not exclusive to the hustler’s and bustler’s of Melb. This low-stakes environment is a great alternative to Bumble for Friends or begging your mum to set you up on a play-date. While it can be scary to put yourself out there- Girlbosses of Melbourne Casual Coffee Catch Up is a welcoming place for new and repeat members. There are no dorky ice-breaking activities or nametags - they promise.

More than just making new friends this group is an awesome initiative to keep friends! Everybody's busy schedules and tight budgets can feel isolating, but Girlbosses of Melbourne Casual Coffee Catch Up is a solid time and date that removes the dreaded thought of trying to plan what to do or where to go.

Girbosses of Melbourne Casual Coffee Catch Up is a welcoming and safe space for you to be you. There is no need to compete or feel anything less than your absolute best. Women inspiring women is the foundation of this group so even if you don’t have an entrepreneurial bone in your body, or you aren’t ready to hard-launch your next great idea, let yourself go and enjoy the atmosphere!

Head to Girlbosses to find your next event!

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