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About The Blog

Hello new friends!
I’m gonna take a wild guess and say you're a twenty-something trying to escape life duties like study or work or watching Friends for the millionth time and have somehow stumbled the interweb long enough to find my little project.

Well hooray!
Welcome to my blog! What you can expect from me is completely biased, one-sided opinion pieces on my adventures and experiences in life. From Australia to Cambodia, Europe and USA, I have plenty of travel tales that are mostly about how I was way too anxious to do something and now regret entirely. But also, you know, the stuff I did do, saw and ate and the stuff you should do, see and eat too.
This space will be chock-a-block full of super (un)helpful advice, thoughts and personal anecdotes. 

I'm in the process of turning that pesky debilitating overthinking habit of mine into something fun and creative. Sometimes it looks like art and sometimes it looks like funky t-shirts.
So let's journey together. Let’s eat all the sweets and learn how to be amazing and happy people!
x❤x -SL

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