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I have always been creative. Sneaking into creative writing lectures at uni and interning with companies that required my wit and dedication to bad puns. Realistically, the only thing standing in my way of being a Lifestyle Writer was my distinct lack of a life and style too for that matter.

The concept of Pretty Gritty has been 25 years in the making. Having always desired to fit in but somehow still missing that key ingredient that makes one seem ‘normal’; I always fumbled over identity, settling instead for average.

It’s also worth mentioning that I don’t think I have paid full price for anything in my life ever. Designing my own clothes so that I can continue my life-long aversion to brand names is even easier.

My first job was at Cotton On when I was 15. The job was a natural fit for me, I loved the people and I loved the discount. I saw an entire future where I continued down the retail path, but even at that age I couldn’t imagine giving a shit about folding jeans for a living.

I have always loved clothes. My parents will confirm many accounts of dressing to impress regardless of weather or event.

I bought my first screen Printing kit at Spotlight on a whim. I got it home thinking what did I do that for? But I had a play and cut out my first design and printed onto a piece of paper. I absolutely could not believe how easy it was. After moving to Bristol, I was desperately in need to create stuff again but refusing to buy all my art products when I had plenty back home in Aus, I bought a new screen and ink. I whipped up two shirts and was reminded how much I love the outcome for seemingly such simple work.

Pretty Gritty is what I want you to wear everyday of the week. It’s what I want with the floral skirts and the ripped, black, skinny jeans. It's for all the kids stuck somewhere-in-between like me.

Pretty Gritty is what I want you to read because you're sometimes a bit Fruit Loops in the head and want to feel a bit better about yourself. I just have too many thoughts to keep tucked away in my head and not enough conviction to put on Twitter.

Pretty Gritty is here because I want to connect strangers. Because I just don’t think I am the only one who feels creative and smart and modest and skanky and pretty and gritty all at once.

x❤x -SL

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