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Queen Of The Clowns

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

In early April a message came through Instagram from a friend of mine, he had called me “Queen of the clowns”. And even though contextually it was in reference to my love of clown paraphernalia (a vintage poster and a money box), I thought it was an amazing phrase.

This world is full of clowns. I know this is not a particularly unique observation but seriously, they’re everywhere. The concept of the clown or fool character was present in ancient Greek and Roman theater, but the village idiot I'm sure predates that. The parts have adapted to the trending times, from Harlequin circa 18th century to now, with the over-sized pants and shoes, grotesque make-up forcing a permanent smile (which is somehow funny). But they have sprawled out of their humorously tiny cars and into the wild known as the dating pool.

I will admit, I have essentially two months of dating experience and none of them were unpleasant. Everyone I’ve been out with were genuinely great people, just not for me. But a collection of anecdotes from friends has led me to believe I am one of the lucky ones.

And so we have the Class Clowns, who will never let you see them frown. You can find them talking too much or too loudly with absolutely everyone because they’re charming and you will fall for it too. There’s the Joker who will make you think you’re special and treat you like a queen, and they’re just desperate to be seen. They’ll make you think they’re broken and you can put them together and it will be tempting but that is not up to you to do. Then there’s the Mime, and please guys and gals steer c l e a r. Their lack of communication will ultimately break down any chance for a relationship.

Hopefully now you can recognise some of the traits of the common clown folk and save yourself some of the tomfoolery in your escapades. Even more so, I hope you can find someone who makes you laugh without the props and if not say thank you sir/madam for your time but it’s back to the circus for you.

x❤x -SL

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