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My Thoughts On How I Met Your Mother

This was originally titled: We Knew the 'How I Met Your Mother' Mother from Season one. But after careful consideration I'd like to expand this post.

As I always need something playing in the background I noticed something very interesting about season one of How i Met Your Mother.

In season one episode 9: Belly Full of Turkey, we find the gang celebrating Thanksgiving. After a series of mishaps, Barney gets his way as Robin, Ted and Barney enjoy a Thanksgiving buffet at the strip club.

It's at The Lusty Leopard where the super-sneaky writers hid a super-sneaky clue. Ted talks to a stripper who introduces herself as "Amber" but then leans in closer to say her real name is actually 'Tracey'. And the narrator of future Ted to his children claims "that's how I met your mother" which stuns his two future children. Which means they aren't surprised at the mention of her name, just her occupation.

In the final season when we finally meet THE MOTHER, her name is indeed Tracy McConnell.

Thank you Netflix and thank you to all the sitcoms we can stare at on repeat until we've analysed every scene more than an English teacher could ever hope for

The continuity in HIMYM is an inspiration to us all.

My issue with HIMYM is that it did very little for diversity considering it was created so recently. The characters themselves barely impress today's standards, and that's not exclusive to the exaggerated playboy Barney. Ted's overall concept of women is unreasonably misogynistic. Looking for a fantasy woman and blaming the unlucky souls he deems not his true love.

It's probably no big concern, it's just a happy little sitcom. I would be happy if future creators took note and kind of did a lot different.

x❤x -SL

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