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Here We Go

I like to think I know what I’m doing and where I’m going and the reason why we’re all alive. But, frankly, I’m just as clueless as The Easter Bunny at Christmas time. But here I am, rambling on like a Jack of all miscellaneous thoughts and worries.

In my twenty-something years I have learned that school can only teach you so much and then you're on your own. Sounds corny and maybe I am but maybe sometimes you need to be. I survived high school, got a business degree, lived overseas and I'm sure I've accomplished something along the way.

So here we go.

My Pretty Gritty blog. A ‘what I should have said’. A ‘what I wish I’d known’. A 'What I'm thinking right now'. Writing my own book of ‘shoulds’. Discovering the meaning of life while simultaneously searching for the best chocolate-chip pancakes. I’ll throw in quotes that I love. Thought provoking and probably way too personal anecdotes and more often than not pictures of me being a dork in amazing places.

I want this to help you. I want you, as my potential reader, to gain an insight of yourself, a sense of a better life, or just have yourself a happy little time. It might be boring, it might be irrelevant but I just don't mind. An honest perspective from an anxiety-riddled brain just trying to make it through, whatever that means.

x❤x -SL

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