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Directionless But Make It Fashion

Some people have guardian angels, intuition and gut instinct that guides them to make decisions and discover their passions or fulfill their purpose. Pretty Gritty is kind of the exact opposite. I trained myself to be braced for the worst possible outcome in every scenario. Anxiety consumed me to the point where my gut replaced instinct with insecurity and overall queasiness.

Absurdly self aware and still somehow clueless I am merely using this space to clear the clutter in my brain. I am genuinely fed up of being scared by everything. The strategies I developed as a child failed to grow up with me and are now stunting my well-being. My ego is a three year old acting like a nightclub security guard, “are you going to let them say that to you? Don’t worry, I’ll cry until someone else makes it better.” As you can imagine this is not practical and doesn’t make sense any more.

The Design category will explain the shirts or posters I’ve printed and why it means something to me. Travel covers my brief encounters visiting new and beautiful places and how they made me feel. (Spoiler it’s probably anxious). The topic of Media is mostly because I could write essays on Friends (1994), but also because I think it’s important to understand the nature of the relationships and characters we’re exposed to. And finally, Lifestyle is my thoughts on my inner workings. Some of the self-diagnosis and conversations about mental health that I would have loved to have known back in high school.

So there you have it. Pretty Gritty is what the inside of my Genie’s Bottle would look like. The TV is on, there are photos all over the walls and piles of vinyl records. Enjoy!

x❤x -SL

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