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A Very Stephi Christmas

Ho ho holy crap it’s Christmas time again. Don’t feel bad if you haven’t kept up with the dates this year, that was probably for the best #2020. Our newly opened shops have been flooded with merriment, catchy carols and good tidings, and yet some people aren’t filled with the spirit yet. That’s where I come in. As we all know, my love language is receiving gifts so you can only imagine how much I adore giving them too.

I am offering my services as a Christmas Elf this year, meaning I will scour the internet, hunt every antique store, forage every op/charity/second-hand shop within my 25k radius until I find the exact thing that will make your nephew say “sure, cool, whatever.” Pesky Secret Santa gift? No match for my prowess for bargain-hunting. Most importantly I’m going to start my searches with some of my local creative/broke friends to set up perfect unique pressies.

What are my qualifications you ask? Well, not only do I L.O.V.E Christmas, I have also seen Elf 135 times… This week... Additionally, I have been a successful gift-giver for Aunts, Uncles, Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Friends, Plus-ones-who-never-actually-seem-very-interesting-but-they-still-need-something-to-open-on-the-day. You name it.

So here’s my plan. We have an initial consultation. You tell me the sitch -who are we shopping for, what do they like, what’s the budget- and then you go about your life while I come up with something brilliant. I’ll even throw in a single tarot card reading to make sure their higher-self gets what they need. If I can’t find the perfect thing, I’ll make it. If I can’t make it then Christmas is off.

Pretty Gritty is an inclusive environment so even if Christmas is not your celebrated occasion I’m still happy to help out. Chrismukkah, Festivus, Hanukkah, Solstice - whatever, are more than welcome!

Pricing will be discussed based on the level “it’s the thought that counts” you require. Gift wrapping available. Wearing a suit and breaking into your house as you sleep can be arranged.*

*Please no carrots, biscuits left out is fine.

Peace and love and happy holidays in advance!

x❤x -SL

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