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Top Ten Thailand Tips

Step outside of the airport and breathe in that thick muggy air. The blistering heat and strangers yelling at you non-stop for taxis is Phuket welcoming you. First up, there are two main options. 1000 baht for a private taxi to your hotel, or 200 baht per person in a minivan, which takes longer, much longer if you're really unlucky like I was. Absolutely your call but going straight to your check-in without sweaty strangers in your immediate proximity for 45 minutes is worth the extra baht.

I have been to Thailand twice. I've done Big Buddha, island trips, but that's nothing compared to my Dad's knowledge. Having been to Thailand at least once a year since 2011, Brendan has written up a pretty handy guide for people who've never been before.

My Dad says he could be "one of those internet people, you know, the one's that talk rubbish and get paid for it." So here's his chance.

Though most of his Thailand adventures are based around Kata Beach and Bangkok, this is a handy set of rules that are applicable everywhere.

Number 1: Never fall in love in the first week.

Number 2: Have fun but never get out of control drunk.

Number 3: Never ever touch drugs. (That one might have been aimed at me but you are welcome to it.)

Number 4: When booking a hotel room always book a double room, even if you're travelling alone. Single and double are the same price so it works out cheaper.

Number 5: When crossing busy streets always move away from intersections because you can't always clearly see all of the traffic.

Number 6: When out and about on the town, always have a small wallet with enough cash and a photo copy of your passport in case you run into a bit a trouble.

Number 7: Be friendly to hotel staff (and also everyone). A 200 baht bag of mixed fruit dropped off at reception as a thank you does wonders.

Number 8: If you feel like you are getting ripped off, keep in mind its probably only 5 bucks. Even if you can speak the language you are still the odd one out, don't argue, smile and walk away.

Number 9: Most trouble happens in the middle of the night. Better off getting out and about early and go to bed early. This also helps avoid getting too hot and bothered during the day.

Number 10: The majority of Thai people are great and friendly. Treat them with respect and your trip will go a lot smoother.

Bonus tip: Convert money in your home country before arriving in Thailand. ATM fees can be very steep. And never pay the price on the brochure for tours or day trips, they're always cheaper in person.

Enjoy the sun!

x❤x -SL

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